Surgical Options Until Now

If nonsurgical treatments and joint injections do not provide pain relief, it may be recommended to undergo a SI joint fusion procedure. Through small incisions, a surgeon places multiple implants from a lateral or transgluteal surgical approach to stabilize the joint. They may also use, in combination with the implant, an orthobiologic material to promote bone growth. 

The Future Looks Bright

Preliminary surgical results with the CATAMARAN™ Sacroiliac Joint Fixation System demonstrated greater than 85% reduction in SIJ pain at 6 weeks and radiographic evidence of the presence of solid continuous bridging bone across the treated joint at 6 months. No procedure or device-related serious adverse events were reported.*

The CATAMARAN™ Sacroiliac Joint Fixation System

The CATAMARAN™ Sacroiliac Joint Fixation System is comprised of a set of specially designed instruments and a three (3) channel implant designed for less risk of surrounding tissue damage. Unlike conventional surgical techniques that require a lateral or transgluteal approaches through soft tissue, TMI’s implant is delivered through a true open posterior approach that has been designed to reduce the risk of disrupting muscle or nerve structures with the goal of faster recovery time.  


TMI’s CATAMARAN™ Sacroiliac Joint Fixation System offers a true fusion procedure. The implant is designed to breach the SI joint cartilage and is packed with the surgeon’s choice of bone graft material and allows for the optimum situation for fusion to occur.  Unlike current SI fusion systems that use multiple implants, with some even having the requirement to drill the Sacroiliac junction up to twelve (12) times to introduce the implants, the CATAMARAN™ Sacroiliac Joint Fixation System uses a single implant (which involves only having to drill twice) to stabilize the SI joint. This approach offers a myriad of potential benefits for both patient and surgeon including a shorter surgical procedure, less imaging time and thus reduced radiation exposure. The CATAMARAN™ Sacroiliac Joint Fixation System has been cleared by FDA for use in the United States.