The Catamaran® SI Joint Fusion System offers a novel, less invasive Inferior-Posterior approach to the SI joint using a single, robust titanium implant.

The System features the Catamaran® Fixation Device, which passes through both the axial and sagittal planes of the ilium and sacrum, transfixing the SI joint along its longitudinal axis.

A Better Option for SI Joint Fusion

si joint 3d view

Favorable Entry

Direct access to the SI joint provides optimal entry point to facilitate arthrodesis

si joint 3d view

Inferior-Posterior Approach

Trajectory is angled away from critical neural and vascular structures

si joint implant placement

Optimized Placement

Designed for maximum fixation in the dense cortical bone of the SI joint, inferior to the dorsal recess

si joint implant

Single, Robust
Titanium Implant

A single implant that transfixes the SI joint

  • Optimized surgical approach for SI joint fusion
  • A specifically designed titanium implant & delivery tools for surgery via a less invasive inferior-posterior approach
  • Designed to transfix the ilium and sacrum to stabilize the SI joint
  • Single implant surgery

The Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System is intended for sacroiliac joint fusion for conditions including sacroiliac joint disruptions and degenerative sacroiliitis

Catamaran SI Joint Fixation Device:
Design & Specifications

Joined by a patented transfixing osteotome bridge, the implant consists of two hollow fenestrated pontoons with an open framework designed for packing with autologous bone to facilitate bony in-growth through the SI joint.

The transfixing osteotome is designed to disrupt the articular portion of the joint to help facilitate a fusion response.

si joint implant specifications

Catamaran Biomechanical Characterization and Testing

In mechanical testing, the Catamaran Fixation Device performed favorably as a reliable sacroiliac joint fixation/stabilization system that greatly exceeded the biomechanical thresholds of the sacroiliac joint.

White Paper PDF: Performance Integrity of the Catamaran SI Joint Fixation Device in a Novel, Inferior-Posterior Approach for Sacroiliac Joint Fusion

Catamaran Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use (IFU)

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Catamaran Surgical Technique Manual

Surgical Technique Manual

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JIB Kit Instruction for Use

JIB Kit Instructions for Use (IFU)

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JIB Kit Surgical Technique Manual

JIB Kit Surgical Technique Manual

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A Single Center Experience with the
Catamaran SI Joint Fusion System

Early clinical experience has shown that the Catamaran® SI Joint Fixation Device via an inferior-posterior approach has the potential to deliver significant & sustained reduction in SI joint pain, as well as:

  • Minimal blood loss & fluoroscopy time
  • Reduced post-op pain
  • Rapid reduction in pain medications
  • Insertion pathway away from neural and vascular structures
significant reduction in si joint pain line graph

White Paper PDF: SACROILIAC JOINT FUSION: Improving Surgical Outcomes Through an Inferior-Posterior Approach with the Tenon Medical Catamaran™ SI Joint Fusion System

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